10 Eco Branded Merch Ideas

Eco branded merch is top of mind these days, but how do you combat climate concerns while still bringing awesome branded merch to the table?

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer preferences towards eco-friendly products. As people become more conscious of environmental impact, businesses are also recognising the need to align with sustainability values and goals.

One effective way to showcase your commitment to a greener future is through choosing branded merchandise with eco-friendly credentials. In this blog, we’ve got you covered with 10 branded product ideas that not only look great but also do their bit for the environment.


1. Coffee Cups

We had to start with a classic! Reusable coffee cups are some of the most popular eco merch items and for good reason. Firstly, they do the job of reducing wasteful single use coffee cups. Secondly, they are a high use merch item – meaning plenty of brand exposure!

There are now many options when it comes to the materials they can be made from, even being made from single use cups like the below! It even has 100% recyclability for it’s end of life, win win.

Branded Eco Coffee Cup

2. On-the-Go Utensils

A great eco merch choice are on-the-go utensils! Much like reusable coffee cups, they help to combat single use plastics. You have the choice of a full set or just elements, such as a reusable straw. They are also very cost effective, making them great for branded giveaways.

3. Tote Bags 

Another great choice and a product with a long lifespan are tote bags. Go further by choosing those that are made from recycled cotton, which saves a vast amount of water in processing compared to using new cotton. Tote bags are a winner for new employee welcome packs and to get your brand on show at exhibitions.

Branded tote bag

4. Seed Pods and Packets

Bring eco to the forefront with an array of branded seed options! A great talking point for events and give joy long after the event is over. Your brand will be doing it’s bit for the environment and grab attention.

There’s seed and plant merch options for all budgets and nearly all come with fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging, even better!

5. Candles

Not always a first thought but candles can be a fantastic eco merch item. They have great longevity as desk or home items, keeping your brand centre stage for as long as possible.

Choosing a glass or aluminium outer means infinite recyclability or go for bamboo for biodegradable features. Candle outers can also be repurposed for a variety of future uses resulting in a great no waste product.

Eco Branded Desk Candle and Products

6. Water Bottles

Another well loved eco product! There’s a style of bottle for every occasion and brand, from onboarding packs to event uses. Reducing single use plastic bottles is no brainer when you’ve got a reusable bottle that looks great. Choosing bottles made from sustainable materials is now effortless with such a range of options, from rPET and glass, even to sugarcane! Plus you’ve often got a great print area making standing out easy.

Branded water bottles

7. Lunch Boxes and Food Stores

Need another idea for an eco branded merch item that is less traditional? Look no further than smart lunch boxes and food stores. These items promote healthy, less waste habits.

As well as being a fantastic functional item they can also be made from recycled materials, like 100% recycled PP plastic, giving new life to old. Or use a glass base and a bamboo lid for a stylish homeware piece.

Eco Branded Merch

8. Desk Plants

Soared in popularity and for good reason! Bringing a little bit of the outside in – known for great happiness boosting properties and of course their air purifying features, desk plants are a great eco branded merch choice. They have a great lifespan and stay around for longer than many other merch items, making them perfect for ABM sends.

Branded Desk Plant

9. Notebooks

Notebooks can of course be a great eco product. You can match your notebook choice to your eco goals. The options are vast, FSC renewable sourced paper, 100% recycled paper, even stone paper made from waste manufacturing. That’s just for the book element!

Notebook covers come in all forms, including recycled Tetra Pak, seed paper, recycled leather and PU offcuts, even organic agricultural waste from nuts, grains and fruit production! Covers can even be built reusable, so when your notebook is full you can replace with a new book and pop the old in for recycling.

Eco Branded Merch

10. Clothing

Last but not least, clothing! The perfect way to get your brand out and about, clothing is a fantastic choice. Clothing doesn’t have to have a detrimental effect on the environment either! Recycled cotton is the perfect choice for t-shirts, caps and socks, which hugely reduces the amount of water required in the manufacturing process.

There’s also co-branding ability with some fantastic clothing brands such as, The North Face, Patagonia, Berghaus and Finisterre who have some great eco choices for jackets, gilets and coats.

Branded gilet


Ready to make your branded merch more sustainable? We can help. Just let us know you brand goals and eco requirements, and our team of experts will get to work.

Plus, we’ll take care of all the tricky parts. From print advice and design help, to all of your storage and fulfilment needs. Contact Us.


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