10 of The Best Swag Pack Ideas Uncovered

What is a swag pack? Well, a swag pack, swag bag, swag bundle… 

…you get the idea! Is an assortment of branded goods put together into one package. They can have multiple uses, such as marketing campaigns, events, during conferences, and even for internal employee promotions! They can also include free samples, company information, printed material, even vouchers.

However, the main focus is on including your company’s very own branded merchandise or ‘swag’!

Whether your goal is advertising for brand awareness, client/customer relations, launching a new product or just as some old-fashioned goodwill. Your product selection is the most essential part to providing ROI on your swag investments!

So, here’s 10 of the best swag pack product ideas to get your swag project off to an inspirational start…


1. Apparel

Nothing says loyalty like wearing your brand logo! Great for getting your brand out there and visible in the wider world long after your campaign is over. There’s heaps of branding opportunity with apparel and if you’re a little shorter on the budget side, hats and socks make for awesome crowd-pleasing apparel items!

Branded Swag Hoodie


2. Wellness

Show you care by including some wellness boosting products in your swag packs. Herbal teas and calming candles can help recipients unwind after a long day and keep developing those positive vibes about your brand after events are complete.

Wellness Products for Swag Bag


3. Luxury

Everyone remembers being given a luxury gift, those positive emotions stick in the memory just as your brand will. If your budget stretches, luxury brands have the potential to supercharge your swag packs to something extraordinary.

Luxury Swag Pack with Hugo Boss Pen and Chocolate


4. Bespoke 

Take your brand recognition one step further by going bespoke! Bespoke products create a talking point, a standout difference from competitors and leave a long-lasting impression. They can be as unique as you like and due to their uniqueness, stick around far longer in the memory and on desks! Just look at these bespoke Carl Zeiss USB’s, now that’s a stand out product.

Bespoke USB's


5. Eco

Eco products are no longer limited, the choice is vast, the products just as striking, and they bring sustainability to the forefront of your brand promotion. Plus , many eco products by being reusable in their nature, means that your brand impact goes on for far longer than a one-time event too. If Google can do it…


6. Tech

Tech items are some of the most useful products to include in your swag packs. From handy charging cables to impressive Bluetooth speakers. There’s a piece of tech to suit nearly every brand and type of recipient.

Branded Speaker and Wireless Desk Charger


7. Games

In terms of emotion, experiences win. So, send a product that creates an experience! Every time someone brings out that branded game, whether it’s a pack of cards, Jenga, a frisbee or a jigsaw those good feelings towards your brand will be present.

Bespoke Branded Jigsaw


8. Gadgets

Make life easier for your brand associates! Super useful gadgets like the below travel adaptors, show you care and you’ve thought about what might be useful to the recipient. There’s plenty of great gadgets out there to suit each industry, even a simple RFID card holder could do the trick. It’s a sure-fire way to be remembered if you get it right!

Branded Travel Adaptor


9. Food

Hear us out on this one! Food grabs attention and creates emotion, it’s just how we as humans are wired. Add your branding and messaging to this and you’re onto a winner. This is a pack of swag products after all, so including at least one item that can be enjoyed right away is a perfect start.

4 Box of Branded Chocolates


10. Just for Fun

If you can, have a bit of fun with some items! Like a bespoke stress shape which matches your brand down to a tee or something that links with your event theme. A fun item provides a great talking point and an overall more memorable occasion!

Car Shaped Stress Relivers


Finally… don’t forget the packaging! Don’t undo all your hard work and just bundle your branded items into a brown paper bag! If it’s for an expo or event use a quality designed and branded tote bag, it will double up as additional swag and can be re-used over and over again. Plus, people will be walking around the event with your brand on show, win win.

For swag packs delivered direct to recipients, it’s all about the unboxing! The experience of unboxing needs to match up to your awesome product selection and wow the recipient. If you choose subtle or striking, the outer packaging needs to fit with your brand message. It’s another great brand touchpoint so make it quality and make it count!

Ribboned Swag Box Pret


Want help from the experts for more swag pack ideas and to get your swag plans underway?

We’re experts in product sourcing, branding, packaging and the all-important fulfilment and delivery of your prized swag packs! Just ask one of the team to get going – Contact Us.


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