New Year New Me, Again! – 2022 Workplace Resolutions…

Another orbit around the sun complete, means it’s time for some fresh workplace inspiration from your friends at Blank!


Here’s our top picks to get you and your team’s 2022 off to an awesome start. Plus, some healthy workplace resolutions for the year ahead!


1. Choose Eco

We think this is going to (and should) be top of resolutions this year. Does your firm do all it can to promote sustainable habits?

The amount of waste that single use coffee cups and lunchtime food packaging produces is vast. So, charging your workforce with stylish branded and re-usable items, can be a great step to encouraging and maintaining un-wasteful habits.

Workplace eco merch, Nike lunchbox and tote


2. Green Up Your Workspace 

The benefits of greening up indoor spaces are well known, from improving indoor air quality, to boosting mood and cognitive skills. Having a few living plants around can make the world of difference, especially through the darker months.

From low maintenance desk plants, to having a mini garden on the go with our letterbox seed kits, watch your space be brightened up each day by a small green desk companion!

Workplace desk plants


3. Get Inspired

A promise to ‘read more’ is often top of the resolution list! Be it lunchbreaks or winding down in the evening – our range of books can spark afternoon inspiration or promote mindfulness after a long day.

Our mini pocket books are great to dip into on your morning commute, they bring positivity and raise motivation getting you ready for the day ahead!

Workplace motivation


4. Get On Brand

Do you see a mismatch of old merch hanging around the office? Maybe you’ve rebranded over the years and employees are still hanging onto those old, branded mugs! Time for a refresh we’d say!

Depending on the item, anything outdated take to local schools and charities or offer to staff to take home. Then bring in some new high-quality items that will take your workplace merch up a level, from portable chargers and phone stands to stylish drinkware and clothing. We are certain this will give your teams a new year boost! You can even tie this one together with going more eco!

Brand new branded merch speaker pen charger


5. Check In On Your Employees

The new year brings opportunity, new goals and exciting projects! But quickly the weeks go by, and how often do we stop to take a check on the individuals in our teams?

Arranging some ideas now for the year ahead, can help to keep your employee wellness and support goals on track.

Plan in a wellness week, a bi-monthly coffee and chat session and some employee recognition events throughout the year. Just a few initiatives, will help to keep employees feeling supported, secure in knowing where to turn and feeling valued for their efforts.

Employee recognition


As always the best workplace resolutions are one’s that are matched to your goals. Spending time understanding your brand goals and sourcing products to match (even going bespoke!) is what we do best!

So, get in touch and share your new year goals with us and let’s get them off to an awesome start! Just Ask.

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