3 Steps to Event Success

In person or virtual, your event success can benefit hugely from implementing engaging touchpoints.

Whether it’s an event for selected top clients and prospects, or even an in-house team day. It’s all about engagement and upping that ROI for your brand.

We’ve split events into 3 key stages, acknowledging all three and getting them right, will mean that your event has the best chance of success.


Stage 1 – Pre-Event Excitement 

It’s easy to get caught up with on-the-day preparations for an event and miss out on the crucial stage of giving attendees a reason to sign-up. Many may even sign-up and as it gets closer to the day drop out; especially common with virtual events and the current overload of zoom meetings.

Raising the level of excitement at these initial stages means that attendees are far more likely to set their time aside and have a positive viewpoint before the event has even started.

Event sign-up incentives can range from simple information about the event itself, paired with some well thought through goodies! Or you can get more creative and develop something that generates high anticipation, like a mystery box not to be opened before the event day.

You’re competing for someone’s time at this point, so you’ll want to give them a good reason to attend and just a touch of FOMO in case they’re not fully convinced!

Something to build the excitement…


Stage 2 – Event Day Wow Factor 

Time for the main event! Firstly, making sure that attendees have everything they need for an event is paramount. So, ensure to include functional products first, to help make the event smooth sailing and it easy to concentrate on the message in hand.

Including any element of interactivity is a sure way to make the information at your event more memorable. Remember not to go off on a tangent, tie in interactivity with your key message to raise recall.

But, we also know you want your event day to be knockout! So include that wow factor product or simply frame your event products in superior luxury packaging.

These elements will raise the positive emotions in attendees and help to open those all-important conversations that bring out the best success at events.

Bring the wow factor with InspiraPacks built bespoke for your event…



Stage 3 – Effective Follow Up 

Follow up is such an easy place to fall short, the event is done, the excitement has gone and you’re already thinking about the next one! But here’s where you can really help your key brand message to solidify.

Acknowledging the time that someone has taken to attend should always be the first element. Whether it was an in house event, or with unknown attendees. A well timed thank you, leaves a great lasting feeling.

Follow up packs are also a brilliant way to open the door for follow up conversations, especially if you are working with a sales aspect. It’s the perfect time to reiterate the key points that you want associated with your brand.

Give a great lasting impression and leave the door open…


With every campaign or event, researching your target audience fully for insights is the best place to start. With knowledge of your audience, making decisions on how to elevate your events will come easy!

So, bring your event goals, any insights and initial ideas to us and we’ll get creating an inspirational set of InspiraPacks to suit any one or all 3 of your event stages.

Not sure where to start? Book a discovery call with the team and we’ll take you through a portfolio of awesome ideas!


We always create a bespoke solution, one that’s right for your brand, budget, and event goals. So you’ll have the time to focus on the rest of your busy events calendar.

We’ll take care of the whole process, from address capture, to providing global delivery. So, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your event success come to life, knowing it’s all in hand!


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