5 Awesome Employee Onboarding Packs

Employee onboarding packs are a key touchpoint of the new starter process.

No matter which industry your business lands in, getting your onboarding process right is one of the first steps in retaining your new employees.

It’s about humanising the process and making new employees feel like they are a part of something greater than just a contract. After all, they are the beating heart of your organisation and a high employee turnover effects organisation equilibrium. Not to mention the financial implications of a low retention rate.

Employee onboarding packs are a perfect place to kick off that new relationship and get it on the road to success.

So, here’s 5 of our clients, that with a sprinkling of our expertise, really got it right..


1. Unrvld

Need we say more about the wow factor that Unrvld‘s onboarding pack creates! Using high quality products, such as a wireless charger and stylish branded apparel makes a statement welcome. Just imagine one of these on your desk on your first day, first impression, nailed.

Employee Onboarding Pack - Black bottle, mug, apparel and wireless charger


2. Google

We loved Google’s welcome pack. Serene and smart, it makes for a wonderful welcome. Adding in environmentally conscious products, as a nod to their eco ethos, emphasises this core value to new employees from the off. They also included some design fun, but still made it unmistakably Google, bravo.

Google Employee Onboarding Pack - Water bottle, coffee, charger, eco products


3. TD Securities 

TD chose a shining star product, of an engraved graphite water bottle and accessorised with eco essentials. With some great branded items, you immediately knew you were a part of the team. Taking their brand colours through to additional items such as the tea, also enhanced the bright welcome!


4. Zapp 

Nothing says you’re on the team quite like one of these awesome Zapp – North Face backpacks! Zapp are always on the go and created their employee onboarding packs with this in mind. A smart hydration monitor is a neat note of care to employee wellbeing too. With useful quality items and a chocolate treat, what more could you need to kick off your first day!

Zapp Employee Welcome Bundle - Rucksack, water bottle, notebook, pen


5. Neptune Energy

Neptune created an inspiring employee welcome pack. Super smart and right on brand. We loved the addition of a motivational pocket book, it shows that the company are routing for your success right from day one. As always, choosing quality products and adding personal touches wins and Neptune have shown that.

Employee onboarding pack - water bottle, notebook, mug, pen, motivational book


What makes these onboarding projects so successful, is how they fit with each company’s brand and culture. Employees aren’t getting second hand tech from the depths of the office cupboard! They are getting an experience, something that gives them positive emotions and reassurance that they’ve made the right choice.


Thinking of upping your onboarding experience? We can help. We’ll get to know your culture goals and then get to work on creating a bespoke employee onboarding pack that matches up.

Plus, we’ll take care of all the tricky parts. From print and packaging, to delivery and fulfilment. Your onboarding program will be in expert hands throughout – Contact Us.


Looking for some more employee engagement ideas? Let’s Go.

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