5 Ways to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Improving workplace wellness through 5 easy initiatives…


Organisations that prioritise their worker’s wellbeing, create the best environment for employees to thrive and reach their top potential. Which in turn produces higher corporate results. Through increased productivity, less sick days, lower employee turnover and benefits to overall culture.

Above all, why wouldn’t you want a team of happy people, when you’re one of them! So here’s 5 workplace wellness initiatives that are easy to implement. They can boost workplace positivity and your employee’s wellness, one step at a time.


1. Healthy Eating

We can’t deny that chocolate in the post makes us smile, but there’s always room to promote better year-round choices. With lockdowns that created a breakdown of people’s normal routines, it may be time to send out some nourishing snacks and ideas to your teams!

Send some awesome brain food, or stylish branded lunch boxes, to encourage people to cook from home and not reach for that lunchtime fast-food.

You could even throw in some recipe cards – gathering up the executive board’s top recipe picks would do the trick! Hydration reminders are also a great choice, which help to promote the benefits of staying hydrated on our health and mental function.


AXA Hydration Monitor for Wellbeing and Reusable Bottle


2. Keeping Active

Working lives have become more and more sedentary. Now with working from home, many people have lost their walking or cycling commute, which has been reduced to a short trip to their home office.

Sending out some activity packs can be a great way to encourage people to get moving again. Starting with something simple, such as a running torch, can get people safely out and about after the working day is done.

In addition, you could deliver a smart branded activity tracker, from one of the top brands, so that people can track their activity via the sport or exercise that they enjoy the most.


Keeping Active for Wellness Fitness Pack Running Tracker, Fitbit, Sports Bag, Water Bottle

3. Opening Conversations

It’s great agreeing with the principles of better mental health in the workplace. However, what does your firm do to open those all-important conversations? It’s likely that you already provide health perks and advice phonelines, but do you promote them on a personal level?

Why not send a personalised pack with wellness tips, who to contact and explaining that the door is open. It’s a simple idea that can go a long way in reducing the stigma and barriers around mental wellbeing discussions.

We can carefully create unique support packs, that reach out to employees on a personal level and show that your company really cares.


Workplace Wellness Pack, Wellness Book, Aromatherapy, Candle, Biscuits, Tea


4. Dedicated Wellness Days

Implementing wellness days can help to get all members in a company to stop and take a check of their wellness. Are they heading towards burnout, taking on too much or just need time to sit back and relax?

By making allocated time for this, it shows that your company cares at the highest level about its employee’s wellbeing. Sending out helpful wellness books can aid employees in identifying early signs that they are overdoing it, learn how to relax and unwind better at the end of the day and give a general self-esteem boost by feeling valued.


Sygenta Support Pack, Mindfulness Book, Care Balms, Wellbeing Pack

5. Team Building

Mental wellness is boosted by feeling a part of a team, one that has a shared purpose and being recognised as a valued member of that team. Team building events don’t have to be an offsite 3-day marathon!

They can be just as effective as a virtual event, or made even simpler by sending an awesome surprise pack! You could open them up in your weekly team meeting, giving everyone a boost to their day!

Why not send out some company swag to get everyone on brand and feeling connected as a team, wherever they are located. You know your teams best. That’s why we’re ready to build bespoke to what will give them the best support.


BlackRock Corporate Event Team Day, T-shirt, Bottle, Card


For help implementing any one of these workplace wellbeing ideas, our team are here for you.

We’ll create a custom-built InspiraPack solution, one that’s bespoke to your brand and unique to your people. From a one-off campaign, to a yearly event, or something more adventurous. We’ll deal with all the tricky bits from packing, print and delivery, so that you can get back to rocking your day job. Just Ask.


Posted in support of World Mental Health Day 10th October 2021.


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