6 Employee Wellness Pack Ideas for 2021

Worker wellbeing is key to successful employee engagement and performance, and not just a bit of icing on the proverbial cake. Employee wellness has never been so important, than amidst the throes of a global pandemic. What will you do as a HR Manager, to turn frowns upside down and drive results?

As a HR Manager you know better than anyone, the role of managing wellbeing, both physically and mentally. After all, it’s your job to keep staff happy and healthy. Covid-19 brought with it challenges last year. Ones that need tackling head on. Remote working. Anxiety. Job insecurity. Lack of face-face. It’s time to up the ante.

New ways of engaging staff, rewarding them, and ‘keeping connected’ as a company, can be seen, in these six ideas for keeping staff happy and healthy, in varying wellness ways.


1. Get your team moving for physical wellbeing

Bobble hats, skipping ropes, first aid kits, fitness trackers, yoga mats and protein shakers. These are just some awesome wellness pack ideas that go well together, to help keep your team fighting fit. Limited only by your imagination, everything we do is bespoke, you can literally have what you want!  Just ask our team for physical wellness ideas, we are always here to chat.

Fitness ideas by Blank

2. Give your tribe mindfulness and gratitude tools

From journals and pens, to wireless speakers and earbuds that play latest mindfulness apps, you can make a lovely pack based around the theme of journaling. Many people believe journaling makes you more successful.

Successful people say it helps organise their lives, practice gratitude and maintain their goals. Popular today with respected global figures and wellness experts, journaling has become part of many a coach’s toolkit, to task clients with daily journaling.

In all seriousness though, journaling is meant to be great for mental health and keeps people’s minds on the end game. As well as a ‘stress buster’, it allows for mindfulness through self-reflection.

Other benefits are said to be memory improvement and increased creativity. So, a pack based around the theme of mindfulness, could be nicely presented with a journal and pen. Why not include something good to snack on too?

Mindfulness packs by Blank


3. Gift desk buddies, reduce stress

Stress balls and earbuds are a must-have on any go getter’s desk.  Having these supportive items branded and in view, instil a sense of belonging and caring. Plus, they also keep your brand in the mind of your employees, to create a truly connected culture.

Desk buddies allow staff to work in a focused way. Many staff use earphones to block out background noise. Or if it is ‘no earphones policy’, listening to music on a walk, can provide welcomed respite from the stresses of a day job.


4. Bring the outside in, with plants

Office plants are hugely popular today. Particularly low maintenance ones like these interesting succulents. They will forgive you if you forget to water them and create a sense of calm; producing oxygen and sucking up unwanted hot air we breathe containing carbon. They are also a lot more thoughtful than just a pen or mug!

Plant ideas by Blank


5. Share some indulgence

Nothing says pamper yourself like a wellness pack, filled with things like pillow mist, candles, bubble bath, eye masks, lip balm and swiss peak manicure sets. Particularly popular with the ladies this one – although there are ranges of men’s products too. Items like shaving kits are currently in vogue.

Pamper Ideas by Blank


6. Something simple, show you care

Just a simple pack to create happy hormones in the brains of your tribe, is going to really make a difference to someone’s day. Chocolate and tea are well known to increase serotonin levels, giving a lovely warm feeling inside.

Hot choc on a spoon. Tea and biscuits…say no more! A branded mug would go well with these options; and keep your company identity in the mind of remote workers. These are simple ways to say ‘thanks, we care’.


Just ask…

We hope you liked our inspired ideas for creating mental wellbeing, supporting mental health, reducing stress, making staff feel appreciated and helping with physical health and fitness.

Employee wellness packs are a great way to forge connections with new starters (welcome packs) too.  If you like what you see and want to take this further, just ask!


For some more employee wellness and advocacy tips have a browse here.

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