Are Your Audiences All ‘Zoomed-Out’ with Virtual Events?

Team Blank has put together some thoughts for event managers, on how to use swag to attract, engage and wow attendees at virtual events from start to finish. Plus, how to manage the logistics of sending swag direct to registrants by post. We’ve seen our solutions successfully help clients bridge the gap between physical and virtual events, during the turmoil of 2020, and are keen to share key success factors with you.

As an events marketing manager, you more than anyone know how to adapt to new situations at short notice, and the global pandemic is no exception. You accept that physical events are not with us right now and embrace virtual technology. However, we are guessing you could still do with some help making your events truly awesome. We have a long track record of working with event managers and know first-hand what challenges you face.

In the corporate events arena, one challenge for the events marketing manager, with this new virtual platform for events, is the absence of tangible, ‘real moments of connection’, that remain, after the event has long-since ended.

As event organisers, you will know that great giveaways attract people, spark chats, provide genuine connection, and lead on to sales meetings or demos. Great swag also deepens your brand identity in the target audience’ mind. This is useful for that point in the sales process when you get in touch, to take things further.

So, if you are struggling with what swag to pick, are unsure of how to make a big impact remotely and wondering how to handle the logistics of posting swag to registrants…fear not, we can help with all these real issues. Issues that Covid-19 has hurled at the events industry!

Good giveaways are a great way to combat isolation attendees may feel – and allow your brand be part of a great, engaging experience, from start to finish. Just as with live events, virtual giveaways need to make ‘good first impressions,’ invite involvement, and provide valuable follow-up for additional sales and marketing efforts. So how does one approach this?

Pre-event swag

One way you can stimulate a healthy event sign-up rate, is to offer early registrants branded merchandise packs, complete with welcome card. Something nice to keep like a mug, small desk item, or edible treat.

– a mug

– desk cactus

– tea and chocolate

– health & wellbeing kit

– smart hydration monitor

Virtual Event Swag - Blank

These are just ideas of course – at Blank, we specialise in working to create bespoke solutions – so this opens the door to a vast array of physical gifts.

This type of pre-event promo helps attendees feel special, connected, and instils a sense of excitement for the upcoming event. Depending on your wallet, a pre-event gift may be the perfect way to build expectation.

‘At event’ swag

Make a great first impression with an awesome ‘on the day’ pack – mailed to your registrants’ door, closer to event day. We have solutions to help you collect addresses as part of event registration and as part of your bespoke event pack service.

With a careful blend of branded merchandise and edible treats or fun items, you can create real impact! In addition, with our expertise in the printing field you can add in any printed collateral that you might need for your virtual event to really communicate with your audience. At-event swag is to be used – as it says – at the event itself – to create buzz, spark conversations and generally delight the audience.

Here are just some giveaway ideas to help your participants get excited about their upcoming virtual event:

– fun snacks & brain food

– coffee, tea, choc snacks

– gin and tonic packs

– thermal mugs

– t-shirts to wear on the day

– funny faces cards, party poppers

– mocktail recipes (non-alcoholic)

– wireless headphones

– bamboo food utensils

Event Swag

Delivering branded kits such as these – direct to the comfort and Covid-safety of your delegate’s home, can go a long way. In other words, elevating the whole virtual event experience. Have some fun – we all need some right now!

Logistics issues?

Many event managers are put off by the work involved in tackling the logistics of gathering event attendee addresses. And then on top of this, processing their personal data, and posting out (home addresses during the pandemic as everyone is remote working). Add to this the risks of personal data handling, data processing, and ensuring GDPR compliance, and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

You might be relieved to hear, at Blank, we collect event attendee addresses as part of our online event registration service. We order, store, and post – all as a turnkey service. Leaving you to do your day job.

And if you are concerned about getting printed assets that go into the packs, like welcome postcards, we can help. Blank has a 3-decade Print heritage, meaning you can have any printed collateral in your giveaway swag you might want, in high-quality finish. It’s good to communicate with your audience in print, within your giveaway pack.

Just ask…

We hope you liked our inspired ideas for creating a buzz and event ROI and wish you all the best in your future virtual events. We hope this has helped give you ideas on how you can turn any zoomed-out event goers into engaged signed up attendees.

We have been supporting event managers globally for many years. If you could do with some help with any of this, to ensure your virtual event is even more awesome, just ask.


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