5 Employee Retention Strategies That Work

Employee retention and employee retention strategies, are a weekly news item right now. So, how do HR professionals implement an employee retention program that works, in such a turbulent jobs market. Of course, employee retention is highly complex. With a vast range of influences, from the appropriate leadership, work flexibility, career progression, training and development, … Continued

10 of The Best Swag Pack Ideas Uncovered

What is a swag pack? Well, a swag pack, swag bag, swag bundle…  …you get the idea! Is an assortment of branded goods put together into one package. They can have multiple uses, such as marketing campaigns, events, during conferences, and even for internal employee promotions! They can also include free samples, company information, printed material, … Continued

Creating Product Launches with Impact

Product launches seem to be a dark art… some fly and some never seem to get off the ground. But why is that? The truth is, it’s all about emotional connection. Sounds hard, especially if you’re offering complex tech products in a B2B environment (you’ve got this!) but it’s simple really – instead of pushing … Continued

3 Steps to Event Success

In person or virtual, your event success can benefit hugely from implementing engaging touchpoints. Whether it’s an event for selected top clients and prospects, or even an in-house team day. It’s all about engagement and upping that ROI for your brand. We’ve split events into 3 key stages, acknowledging all three and getting them right, … Continued

5 Awesome Employee Onboarding Packs

Employee onboarding packs are a key touchpoint of the new starter process. No matter which industry your business lands in, getting your onboarding process right is one of the first steps in retaining your new employees. It’s about humanising the process and making new employees feel like they are a part of something greater than … Continued

The Ultimate Corporate Gifting Guide for 2022

Using gifting to convey your brand’s message without being there in person is a powerful tool.   With handshakes and face to face interactions still lacking, making that personal connection with your prospects and customers is even more important. That’s where this ultimate corporate gifting guide comes in! From sending a luxury gift, to a … Continued

New Year New Me, Again! – 2022 Workplace Resolutions…

Another orbit around the sun complete, means it’s time for some fresh workplace inspiration from your friends at Blank!   Here’s our top picks to get you and your team’s 2022 off to an awesome start. Plus, some healthy workplace resolutions for the year ahead!   1. Choose Eco We think this is going to … Continued

5 Ways to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Improving workplace wellness through 5 easy initiatives…   Organisations that prioritise their worker’s wellbeing, create the best environment for employees to thrive and reach their top potential. Which in turn produces higher corporate results. Through increased productivity, less sick days, lower employee turnover and benefits to overall culture. Above all, why wouldn’t you want a … Continued

Client Interview with Landmark…

Landmark Information Group is the Largest UK Property and Land Data Company…read on for their first hand account of running their InspiraPack projects with us!   Client interview kindly conducted with Leon Houseman – Marketing Manager for Landmark Information Group. Custom-Built InspiraPacks were developed for a short turn-around Virtual Event and an Employee and Customer … Continued

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