New Year New Me 2021 Office Branded Merch Inspiration

Team Blank is looking forward to saying hello to 2021. What better time than now to begin planning for the year ahead? Here is some branded merch inspiration, to help your teams, prospects, and clients with their goals next year, and to help you make an awesome impression as a brand.


1. Drink more water, eat healthier


Branded smart hydration reminder


Why not keep track of your water intake with a branded smart hydration reminder that counts your gulps? A new year always brings a sense of new beginnings and fresh opportunities, and this rings even truer this year. Often our working day can become so busy, that we forget to do the most basic things, like drink enough water.

Research has shown body water loss of 1-2% is mild dehydration, and impairs brain performance and general health. The NHS recommends 1.2 litres of water a day for adults which is no mean feat! When it comes to healthier eating, we do letterbox size branded snack boxes – perfect for teams counteracting what they ate over Christmas, filled with low calories snacks and coffee packs (coffee burns fat!), and other healthy options.


2. Be more organised


Planners by Blank


Staying on top of things can help minimise stress, get our energies focused and keep us feeling positive. If getting and staying organised is on your list for 2021, then writing things down in a branded planner is a great starting place. Branded calendars and diaries also make welcome gifts that guarantee year-round brand exposure!


3. Think more eco-friendly


Bamboo Straw by Blank


It’s so important to do our bit for the environment and this doesn’t have to be difficult. Every day, millions of plastic bottles are thrown away and so much that is recycled, still ends up in landfill. Thanks to growing demand, there are eco alternatives for everyday items. Such as a lovely, branded bamboo straw, rather than a throw away one.


4. Learn New Things


Bluetooth speakers branded by Blank


While we can’t always find the time to read, audiobooks are a great way to get all of the benefits of literature. You can wear a pair of headphones during your daily walk, or connect to a Bluetooth speaker and absorb anything from the latest Seth Godin Marketing book to a Jane Austen classic.


5. Be more mindful and keep a journal


Journals by Blank


Journaling is meant to be really good for your mental health and to keep you focused on your goals. It’s also a real ‘stress buster’ and allows for mindfulness through self-reflection. Other benefits include boosting memory and inspiring creativity! We do some lovely journal notepads and pen ranges…Just ask!

We hope you liked our list of resolutions by products…

Making New Year Resolutions is the easy bit, it’s keeping them that’s hard. A healthy habit takes around 3 weeks to normalise in your brain. Until then tell yourself why you made this change. You will soon wonder how you have ever managed with so little water and without a journal, planner, or speaker! Whatever your resolutions are, best of luck with them!

If you need any help with any of this Just Ask! Our team of dedicated developers of inspired branded products are here to help!

Need some more branded merch inspiration? Let’s go.

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