Buzz Bingo set their hall out as leaders and fill it with remarkable people, it’s what makes the (bingo) wheels turn! So, Team Blank… take a brand that knows exactly who they are and create an onboarding pack to suit, no problem. Buzz Bingo brought the personality and Blank brought the prizes. Now this one was fun!

First to the stand, a branded bingo dotter, obviously! Matched with a bingo stress ball, for when the numbers aren’t quite going your way!

Eyes down to business now, the team added desk essentials of a luxury debossed notebook, a quality pen, culture first mouse-mat and sticky notes, for those all important bingo moments!

What next? To break the silence, a mini portable speaker will liven up the buzz! And for staying hydrated in and out of the game? The team added a cleverly branded vacuum flask and travel mug to match.

Last but not least, a culture pocket guide, welcome card and an awesome gift box created that full house feeling! Now for a cup of tea (No. 3).


What a welcome! Buzz Bingo certainly know their brand inside out and how to bring the wow factor! You couldn't help but be buzzed on your first day!

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