Green Cuisine, a pioneer in sustainable and plant-based food solutions, recognises that excellence in the employee experience is always a recipe for success. Green Cuisine paired with Blank to rustle up a remarkable onboarding pack. Creating a welcome that not only reflects the company’s ethos but also fosters a sense of belonging and excitement among new hires. Service!

Blending together the right products to fit the brand and make impact was paramount, so the team got prepping.

Part of the team? Clothing does the job fantastically here, a quality embroidered polo and lanyard at the ready. Fit the ethos? A reusable produce bag and reusable travel mug let Green Cuisine’s sustainable values shine.

All products made for a pack that meant practical met with personality, and of course a healthy side helping of vibrant colour!

Vibrant and on brand... Green Cuisine's welcome pack was a triumph in impact, what a first day welcome!

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