Harri exists to create excellence in the employee experience. Attract, manage, engage and retain, is at the heart of the technology suite that they provide for global firms. So, it was fitting that they had their own impressive onboarding experience to match! It was our turn to help create an awesome employee experience for Harri’s own valued team members.

Four high quality items, got this InspiraPack off to a winning start, with fresh and clean branding, they were sure to be prized possessions from the off. Our bespoke team then created a quirky phone seat, adding some fun and a product that said you are part of a creative family! The pack was tied together by the thoughtful inclusion of the company values and the on brand packaging. An onboarding pack where every item is useful from day one? Check. Give it personality? Check!

There's no mistaking you're part of team Harri, after receiving one of these! You get a real flavour of Harri's quirky personality and the printed company values add a wonderful sense of belonging. A fabulous welcome!

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