From humble beginnings in Oregon and a rebrand to the iconic swoosh in 1971, Nike has become a global name. Often labelled as one of the most iconic logos of all time, Nike epitomises what it means to be a successful global brand. But what Nike needed next was some awesome eco merch for their EMEA events team. So, team Blank got running on the project.

Two products required, both eco, practical and that put the brand front and centre. The team came up with a neat lunch box, complete with cutlery for the job. The bamboo lid was laser engraved with the sleek Nike swoosh bringing the stylish piece to life. Next up was a cotton tote, recycled cotton material chosen, of course. Here the team went loud with the logo, you’ve arrived at a Nike event after all!

Subtle and stand-out, the pair of products hit the event as quality, reusable products that will last for years to come and created that all important stand out brand impact.

Nike have shown that brands around the world can create positive impact and great brand experiences, all with sustainable product options. They lead the way for others, bravo!

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