Sales Kick-Offs That Rock!

Sales kick-offs hit a rut? Here’s how to bring back the buzz and set off with purpose… In the world of sales, the energy and momentum of a successful kick-off event can set the tone for the entire year. Sales kick-offs are pivotal in aligning teams, introducing strategies, and motivating sales professionals to achieve their … Continued

3 Steps to Event Success

In person or virtual, your event success can benefit hugely from implementing engaging touchpoints. Whether it’s an event for selected top clients and prospects, or even an in-house team day. It’s all about engagement and upping that ROI for your brand. We’ve split events into 3 key stages, acknowledging all three and getting them right, … Continued

Are Your Audiences All ‘Zoomed-Out’ with Virtual Events?

Team Blank has put together some thoughts for event managers, on how to use swag to attract, engage and wow attendees at virtual events from start to finish. Plus, how to manage the logistics of sending swag direct to registrants by post. We’ve seen our solutions successfully help clients bridge the gap between physical and … Continued

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