10 of The Best Swag Pack Ideas Uncovered

What is a swag pack? Well, a swag pack, swag bag, swag bundle…  …you get the idea! Is an assortment of branded goods put together into one package. They can have multiple uses, such as marketing campaigns, events, during conferences, and even for internal employee promotions! They can also include free samples, company information, printed material, … Continued

5 Awesome Employee Onboarding Packs

Employee onboarding packs are a key touchpoint of the new starter process. No matter which industry your business lands in, getting your onboarding process right is one of the first steps in retaining your new employees. It’s about humanising the process and making new employees feel like they are a part of something greater than … Continued

The Ultimate Corporate Gifting Guide for 2022

Using gifting to convey your brand’s message without being there in person is a powerful tool.   With handshakes and face to face interactions still lacking, making that personal connection with your prospects and customers is even more important. That’s where this ultimate corporate gifting guide comes in! From sending a luxury gift, to a … Continued

How New Employee Welcome Packs Benefit Company Culture

This blog explains how HR can easily invest in customised new employee welcome packs and the benefits of doing so, particularly in 2021 – creating a connected company culture amidst remote working norms. We don’t need to tell HR professionals ‘your most valuable company assets are your people’. You know that so well you have … Continued

Are Your Audiences All ‘Zoomed-Out’ with Virtual Events?

Team Blank has put together some thoughts for event managers, on how to use swag to attract, engage and wow attendees at virtual events from start to finish. Plus, how to manage the logistics of sending swag direct to registrants by post. We’ve seen our solutions successfully help clients bridge the gap between physical and … Continued

6 Employee Wellness Pack Ideas for 2021

Worker wellbeing is key to successful employee engagement and performance, and not just a bit of icing on the proverbial cake. Employee wellness has never been so important, than amidst the throes of a global pandemic. What will you do as a HR Manager, to turn frowns upside down and drive results? As a HR … Continued

10 Steps to Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise

Eco products are rising in popularity, but as a responsible brand, what steps can we take to go green with our eco branded merchandise? Here are ten ways we can make good choices. Many brands are acting more sustainably and responsibly today and the demand for eco-products is rising. Using eco-friendly products helps us reduce … Continued

New Year New Me 2021 Office Branded Merch Inspiration

Team Blank is looking forward to saying hello to 2021. What better time than now to begin planning for the year ahead? Here is some branded merch inspiration, to help your teams, prospects, and clients with their goals next year, and to help you make an awesome impression as a brand.   1. Drink more … Continued

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