Client Interview with Landmark…

Landmark Information Group is the Largest UK Property and Land Data Company…read on for their first hand account of running their InspiraPack projects with us!


Client interview kindly conducted with Leon Houseman – Marketing Manager for Landmark Information Group.

Custom-Built InspiraPacks were developed for a short turn-around Virtual Event and an Employee and Customer Appreciation pack!


1. Why Blank?

I contacted a range of providers after assessing websites and then putting in enquiries. However, my initial phone consultation with Scott let me know that I was in the right place.

He was on my wavelength with what we were wanting to achieve, he listened to what we thought and developed exactly what we were looking for.

One of the projects was for an event within a short time scale – with projects like this you need a partner you can trust; Blank took the time to firstly understand our goals, so we knew we could trust them to deliver on it.


2. How did you find the buying process?

Considering we had a tight timescale to turn things around in, the process was incredibly smooth.

From initial discussions with Scott and then speaking to Mandy and Lindsay in production. The whole team ensured we were informed and had everything in order, making the whole process seamless and subsequently everything went without fault.


3. How did Blank’s products solve your needs?

Blank took everything on board and gave the highest level of service. We also had no one in our offices, so if we wanted to try and send out packs ourselves, it would be a logistical nightmare. There is no way we would have been able to achieve it.

We needed that full-service solution. It was great to be able to say, ‘this is what we would like in the pack’, ‘this is how we want it to look’, and ‘here’s where we want it to go’!

Blank sorted everything out, one of the plus points for me was how seamless the development part was and how we’ve sent multiple pack projects and they’ve all been handled brilliantly well.


4. Did you measure the campaign impact?

This wasn’t a lead generation campaign so we didn’t apply our standard metrics. However, at the virtual event we had brilliant feedback. Everyone loved it and opened up conversations with lovely comments about the pack they had received.

For our combined thank you pack to staff and customers, again we received lots of great feedback and we also had lots of shares on LinkedIn.

30-40+ people posted tagging the company to thank us on LinkedIn, which was really great to see. We wanted staff and customers to feel valued and thought of, which is exactly the result that we achieved.

5. What were the 3 best things about working with Blank?

Communication – The level of communication was brilliant, we received concise updates on the projects. It was made clear what was needed from us and when it was needed by.

We were given clear dates when different elements would be happening. Which is exactly the kind of service you need when you have multiple projects going on, so that you can gain a quick snapshot of the key points for each one.

Flexibility – Blank were entirely flexible to our needs. We had some addresses come in last minute, for me to send them over and ask if extras could be sent and in return have confirmation that they would be delivered the very next day is an incredible service.

Blank also sent out packs at different times for us, which was great to have that flexibility. There were no set rules on what we could and couldn’t have, it was entirely up to us.

The Team – The whole team has been wholly accommodating from start to finish, each person we have dealt with has taken our project on board and dealt with it in the highest manner.

Thank you Team Blank!

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