The Ultimate Corporate Gifting Guide for 2022

Using gifting to convey your brand’s message without being there in person is a powerful tool.


With handshakes and face to face interactions still lacking, making that personal connection with your prospects and customers is even more important. That’s where this ultimate corporate gifting guide comes in!

From sending a luxury gift, to a simple coffee, client engagement will rise making it easier for your team to gain attention and your brand’s message to be shared far and wide. Remember, corporate gifting is for your employees too, after all they’re your biggest brand advocates!


But before you get stuck into our ultimate gift ideas, remember the three golden rules of corporate gifting…

Stay On Brand – ensure to send items that will reinforce your brand message, don’t go off track. Send something that will remind them of why they are (or should be) involved with your company. Don’t just send out your latest promotions booklet! This is about harbouring relationships and not quick sales.

Don’t Compromise On Quality – if your recipient is going to throw it away, unfortunately your gifting strategy is failing (not to mention the impact on the environment). Low quality items deconstruct your company’s message. Always go for higher quality and see the efforts of your gifting strategy felt for months and years afterwards.

Make It Personal – but not too personal! Simple touches are the key here, such as cards and packaging addressed by name. This shows the recipient that they aren’t a number on a spreadsheet but a valued connection of your business.


So now you’re ready! Here’s our top 10 branded corporate gift ideas to get you all the way through 2022 and see your corporate gifting ROI rocket!

Remember with all of these ideas your branding should be centre stage! Think about engraving coffee cups, subtle debossing on notebooks or full colour printed boxes to keep your brand name centre of attention!


1. Think Tech

Love tech or tend to avoid it? Useful tech items never go unmissed, no matter the recipient. They’ll think of your brand every time they plug in, which is pretty often these days.

Red and Black Earbuds


2. Boundless Books  

Make a stand out book the centre of attention. From motivational speakers to wellness books, your recipient will love this thoughtful gift. Include a branded bookmark too for extra brand experience points!

Wellness book corporate gifting


3. Movie Night 

Treat your clients to a movie evening on you! After all, staying in is the new going out.

Movie night InspiraPack


4. Classic Business Gifts 

Some things never go out of fashion, and for good reason. Classic business gifts have stood the test of time. Pens and notepads have never looked so good!

Sleek pen and notepad with branded sleeve


5. Greenery Greatness

Known to bring about positive emotions, branded green gifts will bring a wave of great energy towards your brand’s message. From seeds to desk plants, your brand will stay top of mind and bring a smile to someone’s day.

Corporate gifting desk plants


6. Luxury Brands

Great luxury brands, such as Hugo Boss, make a high-end statement and extremely memorable gifts. Send out some luxury goods or co-brand alongside a luxe brand that shares your values.

Luxury brands corporate gifts


7. Care Bundles

Recognise the need to take a step back for some self-care. And there’s plenty of options for the guys too!

Employee wellness InspiraPack


8. Experiential Ideas 

Don’t hold back just because events are virtual. Send an experience through someone’s door! A personalised video that sits on the lid of a box or send a challenge that has to be completed in order to release your gift! Creativity is key!

Pinterest virtual event pack


9. Home Offerings

Imagine your brand in someone’s home? Now that’s brand advocacy! Home gifts make a change from totally corporate giveaways and are an especially nice touch for employees now working from home.

Homely gifts for corporate clients


10. Coffee Fanatics

Coffee fanatics will be thrilled with a new blend to try out – we’re tying this one in with some lovely home offerings too, giving you the best of both. Branded ribbon and packaging all boost your brand prominence!

Luxury coffee double walled glasses and chocolate pack


Struggling to know how to implement gifting in your 2022 strategy? That’s where we come in!

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be complex; we’ll get to know your brand goals and then get to work on creating a bespoke gifting program that matches up.

Plus, we’ll take care of all the tricky parts. From print and packaging, to delivery and fulfilment. Your gifting program will be in expert hands through our InspiraPack process. Just Ask.


Looking for some more inspiration? Head here… Let’s Go.


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