Five Compelling Reasons for Using Direct Mail

5 Compelling Reasons for Using Direct Mail in Integrated Marketing Campaigns

There’s never been a more challenging time to reach out to clients and prospects with everyone cooped up at home. Direct Mail has come to the fore as a key part of the marketing mix during the Covid pandemic, to support integrated campaigns. And its importance, is set to grow.

The average consumer in modern Britain receives more than 5,000 digital messages daily (2017), making the challenge of today’s digital marketer, not how to target people and engage, but rather how to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression. In coming years, the average person is set to encounter between 6,000 and 10,000 ads daily.

Many digital marketers write the method off as too resource-heavy from the get-go, not realising that direct mail can be turnkey. Here are five reasons why the modern marketer should be implementing it.


1. Direct Mail strengthens digital channels and gets you better integrated marketing campaign results


Do you push your entire marketing budget into web and email marketing, without considering direct mail as a touchpoint? Royal Mail Research recently found that direct mail supports the success of digital channels, when used as part of an integrated campaign.

Adding to this, the type of mail matters. Packages enjoy a 90%+ open rate, outdoing catalogues (57%) and advert cards (27%). Timing of a package matters too. Best results are seen when efforts are focused on sending packages during public holidays like Christmas or Easter, and at milestones, like client birthdays. 

One tangible touchpoint idea could be as simple as a branded notepad and pen, to a hot prospect. Some brands choose to send swanky designer branded headphones, or fancy branded gin to top clients on their birthday. Popular choices are festive foodie Christmas packs, to wow high net worth prospects.

The results speak for themselves. Direct mail enjoys higher response, conversion, and open rates than email, with average response rates at 4.4% for direct mail, compared to 0.12% for email. 87% of people surveyed by Royal Mail Research said they were influenced to make online purchases as a direct result of receiving mail (DMA). 92% felt driven to go online to do some digital activity; and 87% felt influenced to make online purchases. 39%, first try a business because of mail advertising (Royal Mail 2014).


2. It’s the next best thing to face-face and the novelty of WhatsApp and Zoom is wearing off


As we continue to spend more time at home, our ability to reach and engage audiences is key to running a successful campaign. Direct Mail offers huge potential for marketers. Not just because mail provides tangibility in an increasingly saturated digital world, but also because of direct mail’s special place in peoples’ hearts. In a time where everything feels temporary and fast-moving, mail communication literally offers something to hold on to (Romax 2020).

People value something they can see and touch. In fact, 24% more than something they can only see. (Royal Mail Marketreach, 2013). Used as part of an integrated campaign, during the pandemic, direct mail can make a prospect or customer, feel emotions that are hard to replicate digitally; to overcome social disconnect. Ongoing Zoom meetings and WhatsApp messages no longer feel exciting. Direct mail Marketing gives customers a tactile, interactive experience, one that they (perhaps unknowingly) crave and miss, as they are bombarded on email and social media.


3. Direct Mail is easier to understand than emails – key when digital bombardment is even stronger


One reason direct mail marketing is more effective than digital channels, is because it’s easier to understand. One study found it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process (Royal Mail), meaning your audience (or prospective customer), won’t have to invest time or extra brainpower into your postcard, mailer or package.

The success of any marketing campaign, whether it be direct mail marketing, or an online campaign, is dependent on how it resonates with your customers. If your target audience is finding content difficult to understand, or feel confused or lost in the content journey, (or while reading collateral) – your campaign is unlikely to meet objectives.


4. Direct mail is more memorable and makes people feel valued more than digital channels


According to Royal Mail Research, direct mail is 49% more memorable than email, and that’s just when it is in the form of a boring letter, one that could get mixed up with bills. There is something heart-warming and magical about receiving a package in the mail. It feels human. Someone went the effort to get these items into your pack, in a thoughtful way. For this reason, you remember direct mail, along with the person who sent it, and why they sent it.

It’s also been found that Millennials who spent more time with a physical branded object in their hand, have a stronger emotional response to a marketing campaign, and better overall memory of an ad. Using mail, could then, get you into the next generation’s ‘voted best advertising’ campaigns!


5. Best of all it can be turnkey and doesn’t have to break the bank or impact on your existing resources


More than ever, making Marketing results-driven and efficient is critical. However, you don’t need to have to have a big team to use it as a successful touchpoint, and it can be very affordable, as part of your mix. Since the global pandemic, many Marketing Managers have seen their teams dwindling in size and budgets reduced, but not to worry.

If the thought conjures up worries of trawling endless promo websites and the headaches of ordering and posting in volume. Hold that thought. Direct mail can be turnkey and affordable. Someone you trust, can source, pick, store and deliver for you, help you get the job done on-budget, even do GDPR compliant address lookups. Every friction point can be taken away, leaving you to do your day job.


If you want to find out more about how to use direct mail solutions as part of your integrated campaigns, you can chat to one of our team members. Send a message on Just ask, use our online chat, or ring 01792 560061.


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