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What is an InspiraPack?


Well we’re glad you asked… because it’s your gateway to awesomeness! InspiraPacks are entirely custom-built and so come in limitless formats. All product selection is guided by your goals. From inspirational branded merch and luxury goods, to artisan food and drink. You name it and we’ll source it for your InspiraPack.


After you’ve selected your products we’ll work on creating the box, choose from postal boxes, luxury presentation boxes or something entirely bespoke! All of which can be branded up to suit your brand or campaign goals. You decide the whole feel and design of your InspiraPack from the messaging inside to any packaging and artwork designs – with a little help from our experts of course!


Book a meeting and we’ll take you through our portfolio of pre-built InspiraPacks to get the ideas flowing ready for your next project!



How does delivery work?


We can deliver your branded products and InspiraPacks in bulk or to individual addresses, and most importantly to anywhere in the world! We’ll make it happen with our premier global logistics service.


So, if you’re coordinating events across continents or welcoming new starters remotely, we’ll take away the hassle for you and make sure your branded goods get to where you want, when you want.



I don’t have room to store all of the boxes, can you help?


Of course! We don’t want to clutter your office or your home office for that matter! We provide substantial storage facilities right here at Blank HQ. So your prized, branded products and InspiraPacks are kept safe and sound, until you say go.


We’ll pick your products whenever you need them and send to any location. Great for new starter packs, across border events or just for keeping your office space tidy. We’ll even provide you with inventory reporting, so that you know in plenty of time when it’s time to re-stock!



I’d like a web portal, so that orders can be put through without me, is this possible?


We can design, build and stock a personalised web portal for your brand. Your branded products can be made available to customers and internal teams alike, through your own web store in one easy-to-use online site.


We’ll manage the inventory, fulfilment of orders, cost control and share analytics with you, so that you can keep a watchful eye on your ROI. This gives you complete control over your branded merch and InspiraPacks, keeping things consistent across teams and your brand. You can also turn on and off campaigns as needed, so that you’re always in control.



How much do your products cost?


We work to your budget. So, if you’re wanting to go all out with the wow factor on your next marketing campaign or you’ve got just a small budget for a last minute event, we’ll make it work for you. We can find products to suit every size of business and budget, from £1 giveaways to luxury branded gifts sent around the globe.


Just let us know your goals and initial ideas and we’ll get to work on matching up the right products and price point for you. We know every business is different which is why everything is done to suit yours. It’s why InspiraPacks are custom-built, so you can add, takeaway and change product spec until it’s right for you. (Top Tip – 3 high quality items are usually better than 5 of lower!)



Do you have a catalogue?


We do, we have a few!…They are a great place to start when searching for some product inspiration or if you’re looking for a popular branded merch item. However, they are no where near an exhaustive list of what’s available!


We also know that clients get the best results when products are matched to their goals, so we recommended a brief chat with one of our experts first.


As InspiraPacks are custom-built we don’t have a catalogue as such, but we do have an impressive portfolio of pre-built ideas, which will show you some awesome examples and get the inspiration flying! Just ask and one of the team will gladly show you the way.


Our speciality is sourcing different and innovative, products that don’t tend sit within catalogues! So give us a shout if the catalogues available don’t quite give you what you’re looking for, as we’ll bring our experts together for something inspirational, the possibilities really are endless…


Take a look at our catalogues here




Not quite found what you’re looking for? Hop onto our online chat or send us an enquiry we’re ready to help!


Client Testimonials

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"I couldn't imagine working with anyone else. The service is fantastic, the designs are perfect and they always come up with a fit that is perfect for us."

Merlo UK, Google Review

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"It's really refreshing to see a company with so many innovative ideas. I look forward to our ongoing partnership!"

Event Executive, IRIS Software

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"The bags for our event today looked fantastic! The whole sales process was quick, efficient and the quality was great!"

Global Campaigns Manager, Exponea

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"I've been impressed by the impeccable level of service, friendliness of the team, ease of communication and quality of the products."

Magali, Google Review

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"A find like no other... Incredibly responsive, creative and willing to work with you. Loved working with this team and look forward to building the relationship."

Davey, Google Review

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"I've found the team at Blank great to work with – they bring fun thinking and original products, as well as excellent service."

Sales & Marketing, Hoover

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"Blank - don’t know how you did it but thank you for helping us get the products to Copenhagen. Very much appreciated."

Director of Marketing, Hantf

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"I've had a great experience working with Blank on several custom projects. All the items we ordered were exactly as described, and I'm thrilled with the final products."

Anna, Google Review

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"Amazing team and customer service. The team did an amazing job in such a short time frame, I knew I could count on Blank. Always impressed."

Arianne, Google Review

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"I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for your great service! We really liked the finished product, amazing quality, and a very quick turnaround. We'll be ordering more soon!"

Head of Marketing, LLHC

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"We received the notebooks today and are incredibly happy. Thank you so much again for all your help. We've already had some fantastic feedback from the team!"

Marketing Manager, Concrete Canvas

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"I've worked with the brilliant team at Blank for a few years, I can't fault them. Innovative, super friendly and always happy to help when you need a clever idea for a client."

Hannah, Google Review

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