Festive Gifting Ideas: Top Picks for Clients and Employees

The festive season is a time of joy, celebration, and gratitude…

It’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to show appreciation to their clients and employees who contribute to their success throughout the year. Thoughtful and well-chosen festive gifts can strengthen relationships, boost morale, and most importantly spread the holiday cheer!

Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for a client or searching for ways to express thanks to your hardworking employees, we’ve got you covered with a whole range of festive gifting ideas below…


1. Personalised Gifts

Nothing shows appreciation quite like a personalised gift. For clients, consider debossed leather goods or engraved tech gadgets. For employees, personalised accessories, name engraved bottles, even a personalised message on delivery of one of the below ideas, can make them feel valued and recognised.

Luxury Client Gift


2. Gourmet Delights

Delivering gourmet treats, is a classic option that’s always well-received. For clients with top-tier tastes, consider a bespoke gift box, featuring premium chocolates, artisan nibbles, and exotic teas. For employees, a box filled with gourmet biscuits, a selection of speciality coffees, or a set of infused oils can add a touch of luxury to their celebrations.

Festive Gift Ideas


3. Wellness and Self-Care

Incorporating wellness into your festive gifting can send a message of care and help your clients and employees find a moment of tranquillity, among the festivities! Consider wellness boxes, filled with aromatherapy diffusers, soothing essential oils, calming teas or even fitness trackers to help them stay healthy and balanced. You could even add a free trial of a guided meditation app onto your wellbeing delivery.

Gifting Wellness Products at Christmas


4. Tech Gadgets 

Stay on the cutting edge with tech-savvy gifts, a no-brainer for modern businesses. Clients will appreciate smart home devices, wireless chargers, or noise-cancelling headphones. For your tech-savvy employees, consider upgrading their workspace with ergonomic accessories or the latest gadgets, that make their life easier when they come back to work in January.

Gifts for Clients and Employees


5. Books and Growth

Give the gift of knowledge. A carefully chosen business book or a self-development author, can be an excellent present for clients or employees who value growth. For others who prefer a lighter touch, consider sending a festive type book. Including seasonal poems, jokes or short stories, even a family style quiz book can go down a treat!

Employee Gift Ideas


6. Sustainable Choices

Promote sustainability at the festive season by gifting eco-friendly products. For clients, consider reusable shopping bags, bamboo kitchenware, or solar-powered chargers. For employees, eco-friendly stationery, reusable water bottles, or indoor plants can contribute to a greener workplace. Remember for all of the 17 ideas listed in this blog, you can make them sustainable choices, by selecting brands and production methods that are kind to the environment.

Eco Festive Gift Ideas


7. Charitable and Good Causes

Spread the holiday spirit by donating to a charitable or good cause. Choose a mission that aligns with your brand values and tie it in with your gift efforts, by including brands and products that support its cause. Ideas such as, including all women owned brands. Or products that for each one sold plant a tree, or donate a meal to the vulnerable. These thoughtful touches can make a wonderful impact.

Eco Festive Gift Ideas


8. Desk Accessories

Engraved phone holders, branded mousepads and sleek desk organisers can add a touch of professionalism to their office environment. Bring them up to speed and ready to kick start their January in style, with calenders and fresh notebooks. You can even explore digital, with delivery of a luxury Moleskin Smart notepad.

Branded Gift Ideas


9. Online or Virtual Experiences

In the digital age, virtual experiences have gained popularity. Offer clients online wine tastings, cooking classes, or artistic events. For employees, consider organising online team-building activities. You can even step into the world of virtual reality (VR) experiences. Clients and employees can enjoy virtual travel, immersive storytelling, or VR team-building activities that are unique and memorable.

Festive Party Ideas for Employees


10. Elegant Homewares

Bring warmth into people’s homes with festive home décor or scented diffusers and candles. Sophisticated festive themed decorations or artisanal candles can create a cosy ambiance, making the recipients festive season even more warm and enjoyable.

Festive Gift Idea for Clients and Employees


11. Wine or Spirit Sets

Traditional, yes, but for those who appreciate a festive tipple, consider gifting fine wines or a premium spirit set. Add a branded glass or cocktail stirrer to up the gift longevity. Employees can also enjoy these sets as part of team-building activities like virtual wine tasting events. There’s also now plenty of high-end, alcohol-free wine and spirit brands, meaning you can still give a luxury gift without needing to know a recipient’s preferences.

Client Gifting Ideas


12. Branded Apparel

Apparel makes for fantastic festive gifting. Festive socks, beanies, you name it, people smile when they receive them! Apparel doesn’t have to be festive themed, a sleek branded gilet (go for North Face if you like!) coupled with some high-end chocolates makes for fantastic client and employee gifts.

Employee Christmas Gift Ideas


13. Travel Accessories

For clients or employees with a wanderlust spirit, travel accessories make excellent gifts. Passport holders, stylish luggage tags, or compact travel organisers can be both practical and exciting for their future adventures going into the new year.

Luxury Branded Travel Items as Gifts


14. Board Games and Puzzles

These are fantastically popular in the holiday season and for good reason! Foster a sense of togetherness with board games or puzzles. These gifts can provide hours of entertainment for families, friends, or colleagues during the festive season and beyond.

Bespoke Branded Jigsaw


15. Culinary Luxuries

Treat your clients or employees to a gourmet culinary delivery, filled with a selection of premium ingredients, like aged balsamic vinegars, artisan pasta, and exotic spices. This thoughtful gift encourages culinary exploration and brings a taste of lavishness to their celebrations.

Food Gifts for the Festive Season


16. Family Games and Toys

Much like board games and puzzles, family games and toys are a great festive delivery. From Jenga and playing cards, to connect four! Family games bring people together, plus they remain in people’s home and on desks for plenty of time to come, making your brand connection remain far past the festivities.

Employee Festive Gift Pack


17. Branded Chocolates

An all-round winner, investing in high quality branded chocolates is essential for the festive season. A treat to hand around at home or in the office, go for fully bespoke packaging or add just a hint of your brand to a luxury box, with a branded ribbon and card. We guarantee that they’ll all be gone before the New Year hits!

Bespoke Branded Chocolates



A thoughtful end-of-year thank you will create a positive and lasting impact. Remember, the key to successful festive gifting, lies in teaming up your choice, with your brand values and style. Subtle or stand out, your brand should be present in some way in the festive sends that you select, this makes sure you build connection and value going forwards.


Where next? 

Spending time understanding your brand goals and sourcing products to match is what we do best. Whether it’s end-of-year appreciation for your 10,000 staff globally or for an executive client list, we’ll create something unique for your people and most importantly one that matches your budget.

So, drop us over a message with your festive gifting plans and we’ll help get them off to an awesome start!

Our experts take care of product sourcing, branding, packaging and the all-important delivery of your prized festive sends! Just ask one of the team to get going – Contact Us.


Enjoyed these festive gifting ideas and after some more year-round inspiration? Let’s Go.

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