How New Employee Welcome Packs Benefit Company Culture

This blog explains how HR can easily invest in customised new employee welcome packs and the benefits of doing so, particularly in 2021 – creating a connected company culture amidst remote working norms.

We don’t need to tell HR professionals ‘your most valuable company assets are your people’. You know that so well you have made a career out of it. Yet, many brands admit they could invest a little more time and money in the new staff onboarding experience. At a time when employee foundations are needed most, creating a connected work culture has never been so important.

When you welcome new members to your team, there is a lot of energy and excitement both sides. Taking control of that isn’t just a sign of your company’s culture, it’s a cornerstone for a strong relationship between your company and new staff members. 2020 revealed the importance of keeping company culture connected during remote working practices – and that doesn’t end when the pandemic is over either.

As a HR manager, you have gone to the trouble of recruiting, interviewing and possibly even paying a recruitment agency. Ahead of you is training to onboard or an induction programme. It’s not just a quick ‘welcome to the team – crack on’. Yet are you doing enough for your new starters to fall in love with your company culture and for them to feel a big part of a close-knit team that cares? This is where the welcome pack comes in.

Why bother with a welcome pack?

Employee welcome packs are like a housewarming gift for newbies. The moment they open your onboarding pack, they immediately feel connected to the business and pick up on the feeling that they are a real investment, from day one. And that matters.

According to, over one in three leaves a company due to company culture. This happens when people feel poorly aligned with company values, so they look for a better fit elsewhere. Employee perception of company culture starts the moment your new starter accepts the role.

At this point, it is easy to get focused on what you want from the employee—the value you hope to get – and sometimes it is easy to forget that they’re doing the exact same thing their end. They will be asking themselves, Is this me? Do I fit in here? Do I feel appreciated? One of the easiest ways to make the answer to all of those questions a resounding, “yes!” is to make a bold and tangible gesture.

What makes a good welcome pack?

The first day of a new chapter. It deserves party poppers, so make a good first impression. Blank loves helping HR Managers put together ‘welcome packs’ because it’s one of the biggest examples of swag done right, especially in the modern office. The pack needs items that are functional and high-quality to give off the right message to your newest team member.

Don’t let your new starters struggle getting basic work supplies like notebooks, pencils, and calendars. Welcome packs should also include the reliable mug and a decorative desk plant. You can dress this pack up or down depending on the employee’s company role (how senior and permanent).

The whole point of employee welcome packs is to kick start your company culture. You want your new start to think, ‘wow, if this is how they treat me on day one, they must really care!’ A water bottle and notepad or t-shirt is not going to create a huge wow factor or impress too much. If you want your new starter to feel like you really care, you need to go to the next level. For example, a few branded products that have worked great for our clients at Blank:

– Wireless Earbud Headphones

– High-quality laptop cases

– Leather journals

– Water hydrators (that measure your water intake)

– Chocolate and other food goodies

Ideas for remote worker new starts, include items that are desk (catch their eye all day) oriented:

– lovely, branded fleece/hoodie

– branded USB stick/power charger

– branded desk tidy for storing paperwork and pens

Welcome Packs by Blank

Car Gurus

Hand someone basic cheap swag on their first day at work and it may just scream ‘You work for us.’ Hand someone a custom employee welcome box on the other hand, and it feels like you’re telling them, ’Welcome! We’re so excited to have you here. You are important to us.’

In the end, the point of custom onboarding is to set the tone for your new starts. Your company really cares about its employees, and with the right welcome box, you can kickstart your company culture and get things off on the right foot from day one.

Just Ask…

We hope you found these ideas for new employee packs useful. At Blank, we’ve partnered with many clients on customised welcome boxes for new hires -and can do the whole job as a turnkey service. In fact, we specialise in bespoke packs including welcome ones. Indeed, they can be so compelling that many of our clients use them as an incentive during the hiring process – as a listed employee benefit. This is because it feels like an instantly banked bonus on day one. A great feeling to begin on.

Oh, and by the way, if you love the idea of creating custom new start welcome boxes and would like some help putting them together, just ask! We’ll help you create the perfect onboarding kit for newbies at a price that won’t break the bank.


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