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How We Work

From conception to delivery, we work with you to create something different. Think of us as a natural extension of your team, putting you and your goals at the front of all we do. Since we started out in 1975, four core company values are reflected in everything we do: consultative, personal touch, globe trotters and eco-experts.


Our expert team works with you rather than for you. Rest assured, no matter what your project, we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure it’s a huge success. Like you, we want your brand to not just shine but dazzle. This means knowing it inside and out, which is why we offer a consultative approach. First, we taking time to understand you and your brand. Then, and only then, we’ll make expert recommendations that align with your brand qualities, and work with you to get results.

Personal Touch

We’re not some faceless company sending out products without any consideration for you, your needs or your budget. Quite the opposite. We love visiting you (even if today that means a Zoom call!) and diving into the nitty gritty so that we can recommend not just what’s right, but what’s best.


We want to make a world of difference to your next brand project. And the next one. And the next. And the…you get the idea. We continually invest in our relationships with hand-picked partners across the globe to ensure you have the most unique, innovative products before anyone else. Together, we offer you the benefit of being the first to use the latest, most exciting product ideas. We are also a dab hand at handling complex global networks, removing all the hassle for you whether it’s delivering to your offices abroad or to international conferences.


Like you, we care about our planet. Since starting out we’ve always tried to do our best for the planet. This ethos has evolved and we now offer a huge range of eco products. We can source not just the best products but also the most eco-friendly ones, made using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly techniques. That way you can make a splash with your brand, while reducing your environmental impact. We like nothing more than helping you raise your green credentials as well as your profile. It’s a win-win for you and us. And doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

You name it…

We brand it.

We don’t want to give you any product with your brand on it, we want to give you the right one. Thanks to our global network we can offer new and exciting items and ideas as well as everyone’s favourites. Which means that no matter what you want to achieve, we’ll make sure your brand makes a splash.

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You name it…


We brand it.

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