Launching Your Rebrand: Using Branded Merchandise for Success

Whether it’s simply a brand refresh or full rebrand, the success of launching a rebrand can make or break all of the hard work until now. They say a rebrand is only as successful as its launch campaign! So, let’s make it awesome..

Branded merchandise can be a powerful tool when it comes to a company rebrand. It can help promote the new brand identity, create buzz, and generate excitement among customers and employees.

However, using branded merch in a rebrand requires thorough planning and execution. In this blog, we will explore some tips on how to effectively use branded merch in a rebrand.


1. Plan Ahead

Before creating any branded merchandise, it’s important to plan ahead. This means understanding the new brand identity and how it will be communicated to customers and employees.

Once this is established, you can start thinking about the type of branded merch that will best promote the new brand. Consider factors such as the target audience, the company’s values, and the overall tone of the new brand.

Planning ahead also means thinking about your launch date well in advance, consider the production time that may be needed if you are to pick bespoke made items or require pantone matched products.

Branded Hello Box


2. Choose The Right Products

It sounds simple really, but when choosing your relaunch merchandise, it’s important to think beyond the basics such as pens and notebooks. Consider items that are unique and memorable, and that align with the new brand identity, values and image.

For example, if the new brand is focused on sustainability, consider eco-friendly items such as reusable water bottles or tote bags. If the new brand is playful and fun, consider items that create interaction or messaging that brings a smile.

It’s also important to think about products you have used before with previous branding. Do you want similar looking products to make the refresh subtly or a stark contrast to make rebrand impact?

Rebrand Branded Merch


3. Be Consistent 

Like with all areas of marketing, consistency is key when it comes to a rebrand, and this undeniably applies to branded merchandise as well.

Make sure that all branded merchandise uses the same colour scheme, typography, and overall design elements as the new brand identity. This will help reinforce the new brand and ensure that customers and employees recognise it.

Take time over design, using smart visuals and pre-production samples to check all is aligning before producing all products.

First Direct Onboarding Pack


4. Use Your Merch As A Promotional Tool

Now you’ve got your new branded merchandise it can be used as a promotional tool to generate that buzz and excitement around the new brand.

Consider giving away branded merchandise at launch events, or as part of a social media campaign. Be sure to remember to align your launch events and social campaigns with your new brand look and feel.

This is a great way to spread the word about the new brand and create a sense of excitement among customers and employees.

Merch and Giveaway Items


5. Involve Employees

Finally, a crucial element of your refresh is building your identity internally and getting your new image and values to become a part of the employee experience. Involve employees in the rebrand process and give them first access on your new look branded merchandise.

Consider creating a swag pack for employees delivered ready for your launch date, and encourage them to share photos of themselves wearing or using the items on social media. This can help create a sense of pride and ownership among employees, and also help promote the new brand to customers.

Employee Rebrand Merchandise


In conclusion, branded merchandise can be a powerful tool when it comes to a company rebrand. By planning ahead, choosing the right merchandise, and involving employees, companies can effectively use branded merch to promote their new brand identity and create success.


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