Creating Product Launches with Impact

Product launches seem to be a dark art… some fly and some never seem to get off the ground. But why is that? The truth is, it’s all about emotional connection.

Sounds hard, especially if you’re offering complex tech products in a B2B environment (you’ve got this!) but it’s simple really – instead of pushing out numerous online posts about new features, processing speed, UX, resolution and all the digital buzz words. Think about the human impact your product will have.

Number one, will it make life easier? Will it make people happy? Or potentially more admired? As humans we are programmed to have our attention turned by these kinds of positive emotions. If you can create emotion through your campaign, then you’ve got attention and the best chance of a successful product launch.

R&D is never cheap so as marketers we’ve got to do all we can to give products the limelight at the start of their lifecycle! Direct mail and intelligent gifting elicit a stronger emotional response than many digital techniques and can leave extended influence after a campaign.

So, we’ve gathered some methods and strategies that will help you generate impact and see your new products get out there with the best chance of success.



1. Suspense…


Build the suspense. Suspense stimulates interest, mostly because the brain desires completeness. An incomplete story disrupts our balance, and so we crave that final piece of information. Suspense grabs attention and so it’s the perfect place to st…

Start storytelling, give sneak peaks, share press leaks, and use competitions. You are generating emotion here, without trying to sell features. High impact can be created with the direct sending of teaser information or a series of clues in the build up to a launch.

Delivering countdown packages direct to targets doors, with awesome branded goods and exciting treats, lets your buyers know that something good is coming and builds that all important suspense!

Build intrigue and suspense…

Pinterest Event Launch


2. Influencers! 


Grow your reach exponentially by using influencers and industry thought leaders. People want to be like their idols and the people they look up to, and so feel compelled to check out and imitate what they’re doing.

This is where your unboxing campaign comes into its own! Used for the actual launch or for your teaser information. Influencers unboxing your new product/s, info and branded goodies makes it real, exciting and raises your brand profile.

It’s also a great time to encourage pre-orders, event invites and the important next steps in purchasing, without even running a digital ad! Bespoke packaging and print means that the unboxing experience can be as unique as you like. And yes, unboxing can work brilliantly for services too!

Bring the wow factor to your unboxing campaign…

Product Launch Pack with Bottle, Charger, Pen


3. Do, Do Events 


Launch events, love or avoid? Sorry to say, but they are worth it! Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the highest value out of them..

Personalise the experience for attendees, make them feel exclusive and valued by your brand. Even small, branded mementos can go a long way in securing a smile and maintaining a longer-term connection to your brand and a stronger recall of your new products. People like to talk, especially about events, so make sure that your branded products are share worthy!

Events can of course be virtual, in which case be sure to send out direct mail packs with all the important info, goodies and excitement that you would get at an in-person launch.

Behind a screen people miss out on that human connection, which guess what, is a key driver of emotion! So, make sure attendees feel involved and connected to your brand message by delivering an inspiring branded pack!

Raise brand impact at launch events…

Product Launch Merch Pack with Hoodie, Bottle, T-shirt, Wireless Charger, Flask

Product Launch Event Pack


Above all, product launches should be unique, creative and wow your target audience! That’s where our experts come in, our team will bring their awesome input to help make your product launches really take off!

We’ll bring our team together to create inspirational branded merch, develop custom-built packs and bespoke packaging to bring your launch to life. And best of all, we’ll take care of all the tricky parts! From print and production to global delivery.

Not sure where to start? Book a discovery call with the team and we’ll take you through some awesome ideas!

Just Ask our team of experts. We’re ready to make your launch campaigns soar!


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