Top Trends in 2024

2024 has already brought some trending themes to the table…

As we step into 2024, the business landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and organisations are navigating through various challenges and of course opportunities!

Three key trends have stood out so far this year – the upturn of rebrands and refreshes, the amplified importance of employee recognition, and the return to reality! With the resurgence of in-person events and in-office attendance.

So, let’s delve into these three top trends whilst thinking about what can lift your brand impact this year.


1. Rebrands, Rebrands, Rebrands!

– So far in 2024, rebrands and refreshes are gaining momentum as businesses recognise the importance of staying relevant in an ever-changing market. The fast-paced nature of this era demands that companies continuously evolve their brand image to resonate with their target audience.

We’ve already seen high street banks, food brands and top tech companies make the switch in a bid to stay up to speed with consumers. Whether it’s a subtle refresh or a complete rebrand, the goal is to align the brand with the internal vision, target consumers and market trends.

More on Rebrands? Check out this blog – Launching your rebrand: Using Branded Merchandise for Success


2. All About Recognition. 

– Ranking so highly in employee satisfaction surveys, meaningful and frequent recognition is now such an important factor in retention. Recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication fosters a positive work environment and strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

Organisations are therefore actively seeking to place a heightened emphasis on recognising and appreciating their workforce in 2024 to help curb workforce exit.

Check out this blog and start planning in some appreciation strategies for 2024 – Recognising Employees: Unlocking the Power of Employee Appreciation!


3. Return to Reality…

– After a prolonged period of remote work and virtual events, 2024 marks a significant shift towards the return of in-person events and a more regular office attendance.

Firms are recognising the importance of face-to-face interactions for team building, collaboration, and fostering a strong company culture. Events teams are also boasting the value of interaction with a shift to impactful in-person events, conferences and exhibitions.

Need some inspiration to kick start those real relationships again? Start by browsing our awesome case studies – Google, Guidant Global or Kantar.


Where next? 

Spending time understanding your goals and sourcing solutions to match is what we do best. Whether it’s appreciation for your 10,000 staff, being a trusted partner in launching a rebrand or an exclusive global event. We’ll create something that puts your brand in the spotlight and brings ROI to your team.

So, drop us over a message and we’ll help get your 2024 off to an inspirational start.

Oh, and our experts take care of all of the tricky parts for you! From product sourcing, branding, storage and the all-important delivery. Just ask one of the team for a discovery call – Contact Us.


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