Why Use Onboarding Packs?

7 compelling reasons why onboarding packs should be a pillar in your onboarding process…


1. Feeling Welcome

No one likes being the new person in the room, being shown a bare desk on arrival doesn’t exactly show a warm welcome. Plus, for remote employees it’s even harder to feel welcome when initial interactions are over video call. However, a bespoke package with warm and personal messaging can outreach that welcome far further than an impersonal welcome email.

Employee Welcome Pack


2. Deliver Essentials

It’s hard work starting a new role and getting used to all the new phrases, terminology, and completing inductions. Don’t make it even harder for employees by not equipping them to start with. This can be as basic as delivering the right contact details for HR, IT support, and their Line Manager. All the way to delivering the right kit, including any tech or PPE that they’ll require.

Zapp Employee Welcome Bundle - Rucksack, water bottle, notebook, pen


3. Showcase Your Brand 

You’ve spent a long time selling your brand through the recruitment process, now it’s time to prove it! Whatever your brand USP is, it’s time to share it. Personality, professionalism, creativity, you name it, here is your first chance to show it. Your new employee may have had various offers on the table when choosing yours, so make sure your new recruit feels like everything is tying up for them.

First Direct Onboarding Pack


4. Embracing Core Values 

Does your company survive, hire and fire by your core values? Thought so. Help your new team member start understanding and operating by your values, by sharing a deeper understanding of them in your welcome pack. If your recruitment has been accurate it will help the employee to think, yes I’m in the right place and I will be valued here.

Core Values Welcome Pack


5. Launch Productivity

Besides all the nice things that happen when you join a new company, your new start being able to get down to work quicker makes business sense. The current team may be eager for the new pair of hands if replacing a missing part of the team or it’s a chance to inject further productivity into a growing department. Either way a smooth and fast progression into a fledged employee is essential. So, use your onboarding pack content as a way to expedite this!

Google Employee Onboarding Pack - Water bottle, coffee, charger, eco products


6. Increase Retention Rates

Your onboarding process influences retention rates, those that perform strongly have an improved retention rate of up to 82%. Now that’s a big difference. Take charge and improve the onboarding elements that you can control, like creating a brilliant welcome pack and see your employee experience raise and turnover drop.

New Starter Welcome Package


7. Employee Advocacy

Give new employees something to talk about (or post online) with ex colleagues, friends, family, and LinkedIn networks. A great onboarding pack will make employees become brand advocates from the off, this can even help recruitment go full circle! Boosting your company reputation and attraction for future talent.

Ultimate Employee Onboarding Pack


Not all onboarding packs are created equal! Having any type of welcome pack is a great start but having the packages built exactly to your brand and budget is even more important.

Blank specialise in getting the exact solution for you, your brand, and goals. So, whether it’s storage, branded products or global delivery, that’s slowing you down. Our experts take the hassle out of the whole process, just like an extension of your team.


Here’s what one of our clients said about implementing onboarding packs…


“Our welcome packs definitely increase a sense of belonging from the off. It’s now an integral part of the onboarding experience and shows investment in employees from the very early stages. It’s just the right thing to do, plus you get great word of mouth marketing through social media posts!”


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